Photography 3

The Task

 I’ve been tasked with snapping some photos of this client’s product. 

They want the images to speak for themselves, no need for fancy words. I’ve got to get creative with the setup and concept, making sure each photo grabs attention. 

These pictures are going everywhere – social media, websites, magazines, posters, you name it. That means they’ve gotta work in all sorts of shapes – landscape, portrait, and square.

 I can either tweak one photo to fit all sizes or take separate shots for each. Gotta keep it simple but make sure they look good.

The Design

For the design of this I wanted to make the color of the polish pop.

 I was lucky enough to find a rose that had the perfect color to match the polish. I wanted to play around with the gold that the bottle cap has and decided that it would be shown in my background.