Strategic Design 2


The Task

 For this assignment we will develop a fresh and compelling brand identity for Brodie’s Books, an antique bookshop with a coffee component in Edinburgh. 

The new brand identity should capture the essence of the store, its unique offerings, and create a distinctive and memorable image in the minds of potential and existing customers.

 We are making a logo, branding a vehicle and a bisycle, making a packaging for their coffee and for their gift packaging

The Design

Overall I wanted something that still showed an older style, but still have something new with it. 

That’s where the big letter I put in the logo came in as I feel like it’s a but of a twist to how older fonts look, but with something new in it.

I wanted simple colors too and decided to og with different shades of browns as I felt like colors like that can og with most things and also fts nicely with the idea of old books and coffee